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Which light switches are the SwitchLights compatible with?

There are likely 2 types of light switches in your home, and we have a SwitchLight for both! 

1. Single gang, single pole switches. This means that the SwitchLight installs over a single light switch, and that the SwitchLight will work in areas where one light switch controls the overhead lights. These are typically found in bathrooms and small rooms, where one switch controls the overhead lights.  Our SwitchLight is perfect for those.

2. 3-way switches. These are the areas where 2 or more switches control one set of overhead lights. These are typically found in hallways and larger bedrooms & bathrooms. Our SwitchLight for 3-way switches is perfect for those.

Please note that areas with two light switches controlling the same overhead lights (like a hallway) sometimes have the light switches installed upside down (with the screw terminals on the left hand side of the light switch instead of the right hand side). If this is the case, the light switch will need to be turned around so that the screw terminals are on the right hand side of the switch before the SwitchLight is installed.

Will the SwitchLight work in a location where the overhead lights are controlled by two or more different switches?

Yes! We now how The SwitchLight for 3-way Switches. This product is compatible in areas where 2 or more switches control the over head lights.

Will the SwitchLight work on a dimmer switch, motion sensing light switch or a smart light switch?

No, the SwitchLight only works with standard toggle and decor light switches. The SwitchLight will not work on dimmers, motion sensing, or smart light switches because they do not have the required screw terminals for the SwitchLight to draw power from.

Is the SwitchLight ETL listed?

Yes! The SwitchLight has been designed to the highest standards of safety, and is ETL listed in the US and Canada.

How much energy does the SwitchLight use?

The SnapPower SwitchLight is designed to be energy efficient, and uses less than 10 cents of energy for the entire year.

Will the SwitchLight work upside-down (with lights pointed up)?

The SwitchLight is designed to pull power from the screws on the right hand side of the light switch, which means the SwitchLight will install with the lights pointing down. If you want the SwitchLight to install with the lights pointing up, you will need to turn off the power and turn your light switch around so that the screws are on the left hand side of the light switch.

Does the SwitchLight work on dimmer switches.

No. The SwitchLight works on standard Toggle or Rocker light switches.

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