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How does the MotionLight turn on and off?

The MotionLight includes a motion-detecting sensor that will turn the LED nightlight on when motion is detected. Please keep in mind that the room has to be completely dark in order for the LED nightlights to turn on as well. They should be at full brightness when the room is completely dark.

The MotionLight also includes a switch that allows you to adjust the brightness between Bright, Dim and Off settings. 

How long will the LEDs in the MotionLight last?

The MotionLight will last for up to 25 years before the LEDs begin to dim.

How much does it cost to operate a MotionLight?

The MotionLight costs around 25 cents a year to power (depending on your local cost of power).

Is the MotionLight ETL listed?

Yes! The MotionLight has been designed to the highest standards of safety, and is ETL listed in the US and Canada.

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