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LumiDock Chip Bulb
LumiDock Chip Bulb
LumiDock Chip Bulb
In order for your LumiDock to function properly, all of the light bulbs on the same circuit (in other words, controlled by the same switch) must be replaced with these LumiDock Chip Bulbs. They may look like a standard LED light, but these bulbs have a chip inside that registers when the light switch is triggered. This chip will turn the lights on and off (even though the spring-loaded LumiDock Switch Return will keep your switch in the "ON" position) while still maintaining constant power to your docked device.
$ 6.99
  • Features
  • Watch the Video!
  • LumiDock – Recessed Downlight with Always-On Device Dock

  • Turns your 5-6" can light into a smart device docking station

  • DIY install, no electrician needed

  • Compatible with Alexa Dot and Google Mini speakers, Ring, Blink, Wyze, and Google Nest smart cameras, and much more!

  • To ensure proper functionality, bundle the LumiDock with necessary Companion Bulbs & Switch Returns

  • 1-year warranty & 30-day return

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