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Night Owl or Early Riser? SnapPower Has Outlet Lights for You

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"see where you’re going without waking up the rest of your household..."

Are you a night owl, getting in late? Is everyone else in your home already asleep? Or are you up before dawn, getting ready for work while everyone else is still snuggled up in bed? Do you have to contend with getting up for a screaming baby at 4 a.m.? SnapPower has the lights you need to see where you’re going without waking up the rest of your household. Each light is easy to install, replacing plates around light switches or power outlets. Here are some of the SnapPower hallway lighting and night lights you might need if you are a night owl or early riser.

GuideLights for Constant Light to Guide You

Do you work until late at night, coming home after the sun has gone down? Or maybe you regularly take business trips and take the red eye back, arriving in the dead of night. Instead of turning on all the lights and waking up the rest of your family or roommates, use SnapPower GuideLights. Whether you go with an outlet light or light switch light, you get LEDs that can last up to 25 years. The GuideLight 2 has an automatic on/off sensor, while the GuideLight 2 PLUS offers bright and dim settings with a manual off switch. The PLUS is also available for GFCI switches. You don’t have to worry about wires or batteries, and you can install it in less than a minute.

Outlet lights play a crucial role in providing constant illumination to guide you through dark hallways or rooms. SnapPower's GuideLights are the perfect solution to light your way when you arrive home late at night or navigate during the early hours of the morning. These innovative lights, available as both outlet lights and light switch lights, offer long-lasting LED technology that can illuminate your path for up to 25 years

With the GuideLight 2, you can enjoy the convenience of an automatic on/off sensor, ensuring that the light is only activated when needed. This energy-efficient feature not only saves electricity but also eliminates the hassle of manually switching the light on or off. If you prefer more control over the brightness, the GuideLight 2 PLUS is the ideal choice. It offers bright and dim settings, allowing you to adjust the light intensity to your liking. Additionally, the manual off switch gives you the flexibility to turn off the light completely when not required.

SnapPower understands that different households have varying requirements, which is why the GuideLight 2 PLUS is also available for GFCI switches. This ensures compatibility with a wider range of electrical setups, making it suitable for various homes and environments.

Installation is a breeze with SnapPower GuideLights. In less than a minute, you can replace your existing plates around light switches or power outlets, transforming them into efficient and stylish sources of illumination. Say goodbye to complicated wiring or the need for batteries – SnapPower has made it easy for you to enjoy the benefits of outlet lights without any hassle.

Outlet Lights to Save the Day

MotionLights for Temporary Light

Getting up early means you might need to move through your home but don’t want to wake others up yet. MotionLights are similar to the GuideLight but are motion-detecting instead of relying on light sensors. The MotionLight detects motion up to 30 feet away, all while leaving your outlets free for other uses. You won’t need any advanced knowledge of electrical systems or an electrician to install them, either. Instead, you can set it up during a commercial break and have the perfect light for walking around in the early morning or late at night.

When you're an early riser, the last thing you want is to disrupt the peaceful sleep of others in your household. SnapPower's MotionLights provide a smart and considerate lighting solution for those quiet mornings. These lights offer the same convenience and ease of installation as the GuideLights, with an added feature that sets them apart.

The MotionLights are equipped with motion-detecting technology that can sense movement up to 30 feet away. As you move through your home, the lights will automatically activate, providing temporary illumination exactly when and where you need it. This not only ensures you can navigate safely but also leaves your outlets free for other devices and appliances.

Installing MotionLights is a breeze, just like their GuideLight counterparts. You don't need any advanced electrical knowledge or the assistance of an electrician. In fact, you can easily set up the lights during a quick commercial break, making it a convenient and hassle-free process. Say goodbye to stumbling in the dark during those early mornings or late-night walks around your home.

With SnapPower MotionLights, you can enjoy the perfect balance between convenience and consideration. Let these motion-detecting lights guide your steps, providing temporary illumination that respects the sleep of others while ensuring your safety and comfort. Don't compromise on quality or style – SnapPower has you covered with their innovative outlet lights that are designed to simplify your life.

Snap Power GuideLight

SwitchLights to Help Find Light Switches

You get home late after an event, and the lights are off. You fumble around, trying to find the light switch, hitting your knee on a cabinet. This scenario could have been easily avoided with a SnapPower SwitchLight. Much like the outlet lights, the SwitchLight replaces a light switch plate. It offers an LED light that can help you find the light switch in the dark, with both toggle and rocker options available. It’s an easy way to add softly diffused LED lights to your room, giving accent lights to your light switches.

SafeLights for Child-Proofed Outlets with Lights

Do you have kids and need to add night lights to your home? Try SafeLights from SnapPower. These feature the same long-lasting LEDs but also add child-proofing safety covers to your outlets. They have an auto on/off sensor and bright and dim sensors. Keep your little ones safe during the day while giving yourself light in the early morning or late night hours.

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