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5 Home Upgrades for When You Have Kids

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"help your kid feel better and you more confident about their safety"

As a parent, you know that it's important to consider your kids when planning home upgrades. You want to create a space that's comfortable, safe, and practical for everyone in the family. That's why it's essential to include kid-friendly upgrades like night lights, hallway lighting, and storage areas for toys and other items. These upgrades are just as important as any other home improvement you might have in mind, like that new granite countertop.


Night Lights for Kids
For example, adding night lights to your kid's room can make a huge difference. High-quality night lights with safety features can help your child feel more secure, which leads to better sleep, better behavior, and an improved mood for everyone. Plus, it's a simple way to help your kid feel better and you more confident about their safety. They won't have to be afraid of the dark anymore, and they can easily see their surroundings if they need to get up in the middle of the night.

Dad simply installing a GuideLight

Hallway Lighting
Another upgrade that can make a big difference is installing hallway lighting. This means less time bumping into things when your kid inevitably wakes up asking for a glass of water. It can also make bathroom breaks in the middle of the night much easier, as you won't trip on toys or accidentally hit a table corner. And if you use pathway lighting under power outlets or light switches, you can keep a room or hallway lit enough during the night while leaving outlets free for other uses.

Stain-Resistant Furniture
When it comes to furniture, you want to choose something that's durable and easy to clean. Kids are messy, so it's important to look for fabric that is stain-resistant. That way, you can quickly wipe it down instead of worrying about permanent stains. You don't want to spend money on nice furniture that your kids could stain quickly.

Hallway with SnapPower GuideLights

Dedicated Play Areas
Another great upgrade is to create a dedicated play area for your kids. This can be a part of the living room, a spare bedroom, a basement, or anywhere you can carve out space. When you have a playroom, you can keep toys contained and not have to worry about them being scattered throughout the house. Plus, as your kids grow, you can add a desk and computer, giving them their own space to do homework as well as have fun.


Fun Storage Areas
Finally, creating storage areas is another way to keep all the toys contained. When kids know everything has a special place, they are more likely to put things back in those places. You can add pictures to containers to help kids navigate their storage space, and make it easy for them to keep their belongings organized. This way, you won't have to worry about toys in the kitchen or bathroom, and everything will be neatly tucked away in its proper place.

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