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Join thousands of customers who have efficient beautiful pathway lighting that’s easy to install! 

The following reviews are from verified purchases on Amazon.

“I needed a way to find my way to the bathroom at night without being blinded by turning on the actual lights. These outlet lights are perfect! They were so easy to install. You literally just replace your existing outlet cover with a single screw. They have a really innovative way of drawing power from the outlet itself by clamping onto the screws that are located in the middle of the outlet itself. Once installed, they are super attractive. Just enough light to find your way, but not so much that it feels like you left the lights on.” - Dan verified purchase

“Theses are amazing and easy peasy! work great and best of all they don’t take up a plug! will be buying more!!” Amazon customer verified purchase

“This is a really good idea if you are elderly (69yo here) and want to light up a hallway - especially if it is an exit path. I installed 3 of these in 10 minutes. I think I will buy more because they are very sleek unlike plug in nightlights that you need to yank out if you need the outlet.” Gerlad M verified purchase

“There is enough light for guests to see at night. No need for plug in night lights.” Francy verified purchase

Own and operate an Airbnb and have a weird dark hallway? This is perfect. Instant nightlight that doesn’t look childish.” Megan Michelle verified purchase

“These are not cheap, but cost a few cents a year to operate and no bulbs to replace. Plus, you can use both plugs. Easy to install!! Zip zoop, done. First picture is my hallway (farthest light is a standard night light) and the corner picture has the business end point up. It lights the entire corner! Beautiful everywhere. Hallway reminds me of lights on the docks at the lake. Just dreamy.” Anon verified purchase

Adds just the perfect amount of light so you can walk around at night safely. No need for a nightlight in the bathroom anymore! Or the hallway or anywhere. I’ve installed these in every outlet and they create the perfect dim lighting that adds ambiance and makes walking around safe. I’ve put in foyer and in stairwells also. Great product! So muc(h) better than the ones that came out first where they had a bar of light. This is very subtle yet functional. When my friends come over and see them, they immediately order.” Kimber verified purchase

“Installed throughout our main floor. Gives a great modern look in the evening. Energy saving - as we don’t need to turn on lights unnecessarily (if only to navigate around). May purchase additional for other areas (for consistency -lol).” Jersey B. verified purchase

“We love them so much we bought more to install all throughout the house. We have two babies so we’re often up in the middle of the night. These help prevent tripping over toys in the dark. Super easy and quick to install. They look beautiful. Highly recommended.” Hazel D. verified purchase

“It gives a nice light for a room without being a night light. Had guests and it worked well when they were up in the night. Used them for bedroom and dark hallway. Not enough light to bother them in the bedroom at night. Good idea.” Michele W. verified purchase
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