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What type of outlets can be used with the SnapRays Guide Lights?

SnapRays Guide Lights are available in a range of styles and colors. The Guide Lights are compatible with standard duplex and décor outlets that have exposed screw terminals, regardless of the manufacturer or year. SnapRays Guide Lights do not work with GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets that are sometimes found in bathrooms. The GFCI outlets do not have the required screw terminals.

              Duplex                             Decor                                GFCI

Do the Guide Lights turn ON and OFF?

Yes. A photosensor on the Guidelight automatically turns it ON when the area is dark and OFF when the area is light.

Are the SnapRays Guide Lights UL approved?

Yes, the SnapRays Guide Lights are UL and C/US approved.


What orientation does the SnapRays Guidelight work in?

The SnapRays Guidelight is designed to work in only one orientation. The lights are designed to be installed facing the same direction as the ground prongs on the outlet.  For example: If the ground prongs on the outlet are facing down, the Guidelight will need to be installed with the lights facing down. If the ground prongs are facing up, then the Guidelight will need to be installed with the lights facing up. 


Which countries do the SnapRays Guidelights ship to?

We currently ship to customers within the USA.  More countries coming soon.


Are there more detailed instructions about how to install the Guide Lights?

Yes. Each Guidelight ships with instructions for safe installation. Installation only takes seconds and generally includes turning off power to the outlet, removing your old cover plate, placing the Guidelight over your outlet and re-inserting the screw to hold the Guidelight in place. You can find the complete instructions here: Link. If you are unsure that you can follow these instructions properly, please contact a licensed electrician.

Is the SnapRays Guide Light safe for children?

Yes! Ordinary nightlights can be pulled away from the wall, exposing the electrified prongs. SnapRays Guide Lights cannot be unplugged and are very resistant to damage.

How much does it cost to operate a SnapRays Guide Light?

The SnapRays Guide Light draws around 5 milliamps of power and costs only pennies each year to operate. Based on current power rates, we estimate that each Guide Light uses around 5 cents of power per year.

How big are the Guide Lights?

SnapRays Guide Lights are 2.9 inches wide, 4.9 inches tall and less than a quarter of an inch thick. This is about the same size and shape as current coverplates. The SnapRays Guide Lights blend in with other cover plates in your home and are only noticeable when the LEDs are illuminated.  


The SnapRays is an outlet coverplate with nightlights built right in.  Simple to install and looks great!
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