The switch plate that lights your way at night

Installs in second...yes, really!
Softly-diffused light bar that's easy on the eyes
Adjust the brightness - Bright, Dim, or Off
Lasts up to 25 years
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“I’d like to pat somebody on the back for inventing these. Perfect nightlight. And two brightness settings!”

SnapPower SwitchLight

Our easy-to-install SwitchLight safely transforms your light switch into a beautiful night-light. The dim setting is perfect to simply help you find your light switch at night, and the bright setting provides plenty of light to guide you through the night!

Patented Power Prongs
Softly diffused light bar
Automatic On/Off switch / Light Sensor
"A great product! ... love the ability to turn down the brightness, or turn the light off. Makes sense in rooms that are not used all the time."
- Greg I.

Installation, and how it works

How fast can you install a SnapPower SwitchLight? Faster than a cheetah with a jet pack!
How It Works
"Great product. Easy install. Adds a nice glow to my kitchen when the lights are off."
- Donald G.

What type of light switch does
the SwitchLight work on?

"The SnapPower SwitchLight was the perfect solution for a dark hall that has no wall plugs to allow a dim, night time light."

Automatic On/Off
Blends in during the day

Our practical design turns the LEDs on/off automatically. Then, simply adjust the brightness with 3 settings: Bright, Dim, Off!

"Just what we needed to light the last steps going downstairs. So easy to install, even I could do it! Seriously, this is a great product, and it's a 'Snap' to install."
- Mr. Papaw

Illuminate Your Home

In a bedroom or a bathroom. In the kitchen or the hall. Anywhere you could use a light, you could use a SnapPower SwitchLight. Upgrade your switches today!

Awards and Accolades

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