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B) Recessed Electrical Box

A recessed outlet box occurs when the outlet has been installed further outside of the outlet box than normal.  In this situation the prongs on your Guidelight may pass around the outlet and jam on the outlet box or go outside of the box altogether.  This will prevent the prongs from making proper electrical contact with the screw terminals on the outlet.  

If the prongs are getting caught on the electrical box or going outside the electrical box, it can be identified by turning the power off to the outlet, removing the Guidelight, and examining the prongs. If they are bent further outward than normal, chances are this is what is happening. In order to better ensure that the prongs enter inside the outlet box, re-install the Guidelight over the outlet yoke at the top or bottom of the outlet and then slide the Guidelight up or down the outlet into place.  See below for pictures on how to do this.



This is an easy fix.  Simply maneuver the prongs around the screws during installation.

Thanks you so much for taking the time to look over our troubleshooting page.
If you are still having trouble getting your Guidelight to work properly, feel free to reach out to us directly at support@snappower.com.

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