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SwitchLight Troubleshooting: Compatible Light Bulbs

Is your light bulb or SwitchLight flashing, pulsing, or glowing continuously..?
When you install a SnapPower SwitchLight onto your light switch it draws a minuscule amount of electricity from the power terminals when the light switch is flipped off and the room is dark. Although our SwitchLight products work beautifully with the vast majority of light bulbs you may have in the corresponding light fixture in the ceiling, there are a few that have exhibited unusual behavior.

CLICK HERE to view a PDF of all known compatible and non-compatible light bulbs. In the rare instance that your current bulbs are incompatible, we recommend purchasing one of the many compatible bulbs listed; we even included a known retailer where you can find each of them!

PDF of Compatible & Non-Compatible Light Bulbs

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