'The Best Nightlight in History'

— Family Handyman #1 Magazine in DIY & Home Improvement
Installs in seconds... yes, really!
Softly-diffused light bar that’s easy on the eyes
Adjust the brightness – Bright, Dim, or Off
Lasts up to 25 years
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“Best new invention since sliced bread! We bought 3 then went back for 5. It's the Jetson's life!”
-David H. 5-Star Review

SnapPower GuideLight

The GuideLight is a nightlight built into the cover plate of your outlet. It blends in with its surroundings, and, unlike traditional nightlights, always leaves both outlets available for use. Thomas Edison would be proud.

Patented prongs power the light without wires or batteries
LED light bar so soft it makes cashmere jealous
Adjustable switch lets you change the brightness
"Literally just unscrew the old plate and screw the new plate on. Nothing more, nothing less."
-Dale 5-Star Review
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Installs in Seconds

How fast can you install a SnapPower GuideLight? So fast you could have actually installed one in the amount of time that it's taken you to read this sentence.
How It Works
"They really light up the areas we placed them... Not too bright and not too dim"
-L. Medina 5-Star Review

Choose the Right Amount of Light

Bright Night Light

Dim Pathway Lighting

“Keep your outlets open, and have a nightlight too! This is so cool."
-Marian Booker. 5-Star Review

Keeps Outlets Free

Rest easy. The SnapPower GuideLight is built into the cover plate, so both outlets are always available for you to plug in your lamps, phone chargers, humidifiers, air fresheners and more.

"You wouldn't even know there is anything there - it looks just like the normal outlet cover."
-Judy. 5-Star Review

Automatic On/Off

Our nightlights are always on time. When it’s dark, they turn on. And when it isn’t, they turn off... seamlessly blending in with your home’s decor in the process.

“The light points down so it does not blast light at you when you wake up in the middle of the night”
-Customer. 5-Star Review
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Softly-Diffused Lighting

Nothing’s worse than those lights that make you feel like you’ve been staring at the sun without your eclipse goggles. That’s why our LED light bar is as soft as listening to a saxophone during a Paris sunset... and that’s pretty soft.

"The old style nightlights...tended to burn out often, needing to be replaced. I expect these, with LEDs, will last longer/forever."
-John B. 5-Star Review

Energy efficient

Our nightlights use less than 10¢ of energy a year. That’s less than a penny a month. We’d love to tell you how much that is a day but they don’t make coins that small.

Lasts up to 25 years

Naps. Vacation. Pieces of gum. Some things in life just don’t last long enough. SnapPower GuideLights do – up to 25 years, to be precise.

“We ended up buying 25 of these and installed them everywhere in our new house"
-C Hyphen M. 5-Star Review

Perfect for Any Room

In a bedroom or a bathroom. In the kitchen or the hall. Anywhere you could use nighttime lighting, you could use a SnapPower GuideLight. Stop stumbling and fumbling around in the dark – bring the SnapPower GuideLight into your home today.

Awards and Accolades

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