Turn any outlet into a USB charging station

So easy to install...a monkey can do it!
Get rid of those bulky charging blocks!
Charge multiple devices at a time
Free up both of your outlets again
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“Wonderful new invention! Your charger takes up one less outlet. Great for the minimalist.”

SnapPower Charger

The SnapPower Charger is a USB charger built directly into a cover-plate. It installs easily in seconds, leaves both of your outlets free for use, and finally...you can get rid of those bulky charging blocks that take up valuable outlet space!

Patented prongs power the USB Charger 2 without wires or batteries
Also available version with 1 port, 1 AMP
2.1 AMP USB (dual port)
"Built in charger...winner! It’s been used heavily for months and still going strong."
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Installation, and how it works

How fast can you install a SnapPower Charger. Let’s just say, Superman couldn’t save a cat from a tall tree this fast?
How It Works
"Installation of this product is so easy anyone can do it with ease. I’d like to thank everyone at Snap for this perfect product."
-Happy Customer

Frees Up Outlets

Rest easy. The SnapPower USB Charger 2 is built into the cover plate, so both outlets are always available for you to plug in your lamps, humidifiers, air fresheners and more.

"Totally love this USB outlet. Easy to install and frees up my other outlets."
- Patricia

2.1 Amp, Charges all USB devices

1 USB Port, 1 Amp Charge

2 USB Ports, 2.1 Amps Charge

"Installation was simple. I love being able to charge my devices while still utilizing both plugs on the outlet."

Sleek and Attractive Design

USB ports are built into the side of the plate, so they don't stick out and easily blend in with any home decor. They also fit nicely behind any tight spaces. Our Chargers look good, period.

"Took about 30 seconds to install. I’m impressed!"

Charge Your Home

In a bedroom or a bathroom. In the kitchen or the hall. Anywhere you could use a charge, you could use a SnapPower Charger. Upgrade your outlets today!

Awards and Accolades

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