LED Lights in the News

If the topic of lighting seems boring, you’re probably not reading about it in the right places. LED lights in particular are something of a growing trend these days because of their energy-saving efficiency. We’ve run across some pretty interesting stories surrounding this little piece of innovative technology and thought we’d round them up.

LED Art in Dallas

1470285420-NMC_03volumefrisco8First up is the massive LED structure at the Dallas Cowboy’s new headquarters. This beautiful structure was designed by world renowned light artist, Leo Villareal and contains almost 20,000 lights and is 40 feet tall. You can see the images here on the Dallas Morning News. Among his other works of art is the Bay Lights project on the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. Villareal’s unique use of light as art is truly awe-inspiring.

Cutting Utility Bills in Colorado

In Colorado Springs, the Energy Resource Center is donating thousands of LED lights to citizens to help cut electric costs. LED lights are currently the most energy-efficient light source, and the residents are estimated to save a whopping $85,000 on their electric bills in the coming year alone.

Highway Safety in Virginia

Virginia’s Department of Transportation (VDOT) has proven to be a little ahead of their time by being the first to use LED lights on the fronts of their snow plows. Previously, all DOT vehicles were equipped with halogen lights in addition to regular headlights, but proved to be ineffective at seeing through blinding snow conditions. The new LED lights are literally saving the lives of DOT workers by increasing visibility, making it easier for them to see through the snow and much farther up the road.

Innovative Auto Lights

Not only are LED lights making headway with DOT vehicles, automotive experts also have plans underway to convert all vehicles from halogen to LED. The reasons for this are the extreme durability and efficiency of the lights, along with the increased visibility and driver safety features that can be enabled with this technology. Automotive News states that the plan should start rapidly taking shape toward the end of the decade.

Upgraded Street Lights

Automobiles aren’t the only things getting LED upgrades. Xcel Energy has caught on to the cost-saving benefits of the lights and is replacing street lights in the parts of Northern Michigan and Wisconsin known as the Gogebic region. LED bulbs are not only energy-efficient, but they also are more durable and have longer life spans, meaning fewer replacements.

Pedestrian Safety

LED SafetyCertain European cities are starting to install something called Smart Tactile Paving to help keep pedestrians safe. The new technology uses red and green LED lights in pavers, so that people nearing intersections will know instantly whether or not it’s safe cross the street, even when looking down at their smart phones.

LED Lights for the Home

Smart and modern, LED lights are all the rage these days. That’s why we at SnapPower use them in our products. Guidelights were designed with the savvy consumer in mind. We styled these light switch cover night lights with attractive LED elements that switch themselves on in dark spaces. Not only do they give your home a modern flare and take up zero space, they also save you money, costing only about 10¢ a year to operate.

If you’re ready to get on board with a great new trend, SnapPower has you covered (pun intended). Take a look around and spruce up your outlets!

2016 Parade Of Products Winner

The Parade of Products, or POP as it’s known, is a competition that occurs during the largest homebuilding trade show on the West Coast, PCBC, and is a celebration of the most inventive new product solutions of the past year. The new ideas and products on display at the show, and especially those selected as POP winners, represent the fruits of labor of some of the most innovative minds in the home building world.


A panel of industry judges consisting of builders, engineers, designers, journalists, and architects rated the products based on innovation, practical application, and design, and, for 2016, came up with a list of 20 winners that embodied those qualities the best.


From built-in ovens and remote controlled toilets to clear vinyl retractable screens and bamboo-based wall systems, the winning products run the gamut of what a builder may hammer, caulk, or install on a daily basis.


Here is what POP said about the SnapPower Guidelight that was selected as the 2016 POP Winner:


“The SnapPower Guidelight looks like most other wall outlets but has LED lights installed on the bottom. Two metal prongs use less than $.10 per year of electricity from the outlet to power them. A photo sensor in the Guidelight turns it on when the surrounding area is dark and off when light. It comes in several colors and styles. The easy-to-install and energy-efficient design safely transforms the outlet coverplate into a convenient night light and it requires no wires or batteries.”

Featured on the Today Show

The New Household Standard (1)


SnapPower was featured today on the Today Show! We are so thrilled about being one of the top products on the show. Here is the clip of the show you can watch below:


Best New Home Tech Product In 2015

Best New Home Tech Products - This Old House

We were named the “Best new home tech product in 2015” by This Old House! Here is what they had to say:


Remove an outlet's cover plate, replace it with this one, and suddenly you have a USB port on the wall that lets you charge without a power block. Its contacts capture juice from the terminals, without getting in the way of the receptacles.


See the whole story here!

Top Interior Product 2015!

Top Interior Product 2015

The House Designers just named the SnapPower Guidelight one of 2015′ Top Interior Products! This is exciting news for us at SnapPower! We love to provide a quality product to our customers!

An outlet upgrade to light the way


Imagine being able to easily navigate through your home at night, without even having to think about it. Thanks to SnapPower Guidelights, you can keep your outlets free for other uses while always having an automatic nightlight on hand as soon as it gets dark.


No special wiring is required either—just turn off power to the outlet, remove the original coverplate, insert the SnapPower Guidelight, and screw it into place! The LED lights draws electricity from screws on the side of the outlet, costing less than 10¢ to power per year, and lasting at least 25 years! This highly practical and efficient solution will make your home safer at night, and the only thing you have to do is install it. You can buy SnapPower Guidelights singly or in packs of up to 10, in White, Light Almond, and Ivory.


See the entire post here!



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