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Home Improvement Social Media Accounts to Follow for DIY Ideas

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"If you're looking to keep up with the latest home improvement ideas & trends, be sure to give these accounts a follow."

If you're anything like us, then you’re always on the lookout for new home improvement ideas and inspiration. The desire to enhance our living spaces, create a more functional home, and infuse our personal style into every nook and cranny is a never-ending pursuit. Fortunately, in this age of social media, there is no shortage of talented bloggers and DIY enthusiasts who generously share their creativity and expertise online. Whether you're searching for modern and budget-friendly projects, stylish and creative ideas, or practical tips for transforming your living space, these social media accounts are worth checking out. With a presence on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and more, these accounts offer a treasure trove of inspiration and guidance for all your home improvement endeavors.

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Accounts to spark Home Improvement Ideas

The House of Silver Lining (@thehouseofsilverlining): The House of Silver Lining is a home decor and DIY blog that delivers an array of ideas for stylish and affordable home improvement projects. Dive into their content and discover unique ways to elevate your living spaces without breaking the bank.


The DIY Village (@thediyvillage): The DIY Village is a comprehensive home improvement and DIY blog that covers projects of all sizes, from small repairs to major renovations. Their wide range of ideas and tips will empower you to tackle any task with confidence.


The DIY Dad (@thediydad): The DIY Dad, a passionate home improvement and DIY enthusiast, shares valuable ideas and tips for projects that can enhance both your home and yard. Follow his journey for expert advice on turning your outdoor areas into stunning extensions of your living space.


The Gathered Home (@thegatheredhome): The Gathered Home is a delightful home decor and DIY blog that offers a wealth of ideas and inspiration for your home. Uncover unique concepts and discover how to infuse character and charm into every corner of your living space.


Beth Hunter (@homestoriesatoz): Beth is your go-to resource for creating a comfortable and functional home. Explore their home improvement ideas and learn how to strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and practicality.


The Homemaker's Journal (@thehomemakersjournal): The Homemaker's Journal is a valuable source for home improvement ideas and organization. This blog shares ingenious ideas and tips for creating a functional and efficient home. Let their insights guide you toward a more streamlined and organized living environment.


The Realistic Mama (@the_realistic_mama): The Realistic Mama is a relatable home improvement and DIY blog that provides tips and tricks from the perspective of an everyday mother. Discover practical solutions for transforming your home while juggling the demands of parenthood.


The Southern Thing (@thesouthernthing): The Southern Thing is a home decor and DIY blog that captures the essence of Southern charm. Immerse yourself in their content to find inspiration rooted in timeless elegance and warm hospitality.


DeLancey Carson (@delancy.diy): DeLancey specializes in trendy and budget-friendly home improvement ideas while also putting in her own hard work in. Join DeLancey's journey and unlock countless ideas to beautify your living spaces without straining your wallet.


Jen Woodhouse (@jenwoodhouse): Jen Woodhouse is an influential blogger who emphasizes home improvement ideas and inspiration. Dive into her content and discover a plethora of innovative concepts to transform your living spaces.


Homemade Modern (@homemade_modern): Homemade Modern is a DIY and home improvement youtube channel that focuses on modern, stylish projects that can be completed on a budget. Explore their content for fresh ideas and discover how to incorporate contemporary aesthetics into your home.


Mandi Gubler (@vintagerevivals): Mandi is a self-proclaimed “Fearless DIY-er”. Vintage revivals will give you an abundance of new home improvement ideas to try out. But more importantly Mandi will give you the courage to tackle your biggest DIY projects this year.

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Ashley (@houseofhanes): Ashley is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to home improvement and DIY. Her home improvement ideas can improve your daily life and well-being. Discover transformative ideas to enhance your living spaces and create an environment that promotes happiness and tranquility.


Homemade by Carmona (@homemadebycarmona): Homemade by Carmona is a vibrant home decor and DIY blog that offers ideas for projects that add style and character to your home. Get inspired by their content and learn how to turn ordinary spaces into extraordinary showcases of your personality.


Mr. DIY Guy (@mrdiyguy123): Mr. DIY Guy is a passionate home improvement and DIY enthusiast who generously shares tips and tricks for projects that can significantly enhance your home. Stay tuned to his account for invaluable insights and guidance on tackling various tasks with ease.


Simply Organized Home (@simplyorganizedhome): Simply Organized Home is a dedicated home organization and improvement blog that shares ideas and tips for creating a more functional and efficient home. Embrace their guidance to streamline your living spaces and establish a sense of order and serenity.


Chelsea Foy (@lovelyindeed): Lovely Indeed, as the name suggests, focuses on ideas and inspiration to make your home all the more lovely. Dive into Chelsea's content and discover how to infuse your living spaces with beauty, warmth, and creativity.


Bri Moysa (@brimoysa): Bri Moysa offers a wide range of home improvement ideas for creating a cozy and inviting space. Explore her content for tips on selecting the perfect colors, textures, and decor elements to bring warmth and comfort into your home.


The Proper Blog (@theproperblog): The Proper Blog is a remarkable home decor and improvement blog that will help you get your home in proper shape. Explore their content to find inspiration and guidance on creating a space that reflects your unique style and personality.


The Crafty Nest (@thecraftynest): The Crafty Nest is a creative hub that shares DIY home improvement projects with a focus on crafting and repurposing. Discover how to breathe new life into old items, incorporate handmade elements, and add a touch of personality to your living spaces.


Sarah Dorsey (@sarahmdorseydesigns): Sarah Dorsey Designs is an account dedicated to sleek and sophisticated home improvement ideas. Delve into their content for inspiration on minimalist design, elegant furniture selections, and creating a space that exudes refined style.


Budget For Bliss (@budgetingforbliss): Budget Bliss is a social media account dedicated to providing home improvement ideas that won't break the bank. Follow Angie's account for tips on cost-effective renovations, DIY projects, and clever hacks to achieve impressive results on a tight budget.


Modern Farmhouse Living (@massfarmhouseliving): Modern Farmhouse Living combines contemporary style with rustic charm. Discover their content for ideas on blending clean lines, natural elements, and cozy accents to create a home that balances simplicity and comfort.

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Put Your new Found Home Improvement Ideas into Action!

We hope that this list of social media accounts has given you some valuable suggestions and inspiration for your next home renovation project. These accounts provide a wide variety of home improvement ideas, ranging from contemporary and cost-effective concepts to customized and innovative projects. Give these accounts a follow if you want to stay on top of the most recent trends and ideas in home remodeling. As always, enter your email below to join the SnapPower community and receive new, interesting, and helpful information each month, along with exclusive offers and holiday promos!

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