Top Interior Product 2015!

Top Interior Product 2015

The House Designers just named the SnapPower Guidelight one of 2015′ Top Interior Products! This is exciting news for us at SnapPower! We love to provide a quality product to our customers!

An outlet upgrade to light the way


Imagine being able to easily navigate through your home at night, without even having to think about it. Thanks to SnapPower Guidelights, you can keep your outlets free for other uses while always having an automatic nightlight on hand as soon as it gets dark.


No special wiring is required either—just turn off power to the outlet, remove the original coverplate, insert the SnapPower Guidelight, and screw it into place! The LED lights draws electricity from screws on the side of the outlet, costing less than 10¢ to power per year, and lasting at least 25 years! This highly practical and efficient solution will make your home safer at night, and the only thing you have to do is install it. You can buy SnapPower Guidelights singly or in packs of up to 10, in White, Light Almond, and Ivory.


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