How to Create the Perfect Home Theater for $600

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How to Create the Perfect Home Theater for $600

Most of us would love to have a home theater – a room where we can create a fun atmosphere for entertaining guests in front of a big screen. If that’s you, you may be thinking it’s something you can only have when you win the lottery and buy that big house you’ve been dreaming of.

But what if we told you that you can turn an ordinary spare room, basement, or guest room into a fun theater room that will make your friends green with envy, all for much less than you think?

Sound intriguing?

Let’s find out how!

The Movie Room

For the best acoustics, the room you choose for your home theater should be carpeted, small and have ceilings no more than 8 feet high. If the room you have available doesn’t fit the criteria, you can still make it work. Just know you may need to make some adjustments or spend more on sound equipment to get the sound quality you want.

Once you’ve chosen your theater room, you will want to choose a medium to dark paint color to paint your walls. You will also want to paint your ceilings either the same color or a complementary shade that is also medium to dark. The purpose of this is to make sure there are no bright surfaces in the room to reflect light.

If you prefer a neutral color scheme, you might like something like Behr’s Swiss Brown.

brown paint


Or if you’re a little more adventurous, something like January Garnet is a great choice.

paint red

Whatever color you choose, just make sure you purchase a flat paint. Satin or gloss paint will reflect even the smallest amount of light and diminish the effect of the darkened room.

Window Dressing

The next thing you will want to choose is your window covering. Blackout curtains can be purchased fairly inexpensively from a number of stores. If you want the complete movie theater look, you can even find red velvet curtains for your windows and the sides of your movie screen. But these from Wal-Mart work great and look fantastic with most wall colors.


Theater Seating

While there are many high-end home theater seating options, you don’t have to break the bank to get the commercial theater feel you are trying to achieve. Placing a few inexpensive recliners in the room is an economical way to get the same look.


Depending on your budget and the size of your family, however, you might opt for an affordable sectional or even bean bags!

Movie Screen

If you don’t already have a big-screen to spare for the movie room, an economic option is a projector and screen combo. There are hundreds of options and price ranges for both products, so it’s not difficult to find some to fit even the smallest budget.

This option on Amazon is under $25 and covers a 10’ area. You will probably never need a larger screen than that!


Projectors also vary greatly in price, but even the cheaper projectors will serve the purpose. For a more streamlined look, buy a projector that can be mounted to the ceiling.


Theater Lighting

No home theater is complete without some subtle pathway lighting. SnapPower Guidelights are the perfect lighting solution for any home theater. Costing around $15 each, they are the most economical lighting solution you can buy without sacrificing the aesthetics of the room.

Easily install these covers on every electrical outlet in the room for a sleek and modern pathway glow. Because they automatically light up as soon as the lights are dim, you won’t have to set up complicated lighting systems every time you use your theater room!


Final Cost of Project

Based on a 10×10 room with one window, using the products recommended here, your final project costs will be $613.31.

  • 3 gallons paint: $71.88
  • 2 blackout curtain panels: $50.48
  • 3 recliners: $379.66
  • 10’ Projector Screen: $24.41
  • Projector: $44.88
  • 3 Pack SnapPower Guidelights: $42

Who would’ve guessed you could create such a fun and modern movie theater in your own home for around $600? At SnapPower, we are always looking for innovative ways to improve your home and your lifestyle!

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