Featured In Designer Dream Homes Magazine

Another featured write up of our SnapPower Charger in this months Designer Dream Homes Magazine! We were the first in the line up under their trend watch section on page 6. Here is what it looks like:

Easy Power-Up SnapPower charger

Easy Power-Up


The days of having to use bulky USB adapters to charge your devices are finally over. In just a couple of seconds the new SnapPower Charger allows you to convert your current outlet to accept USB plugs without the need for a USB adapter.


The SnapPower Charger is a cover plate with a built in USB port on the side which allows you to charge your electronics while leaving your outlets open for other uses. To get its power, the Charger has two metal prongs located on the back of the plate that automatically make connection with the draw power from the sides of your outlet. The only installation required is removing the old cover plate and replacing it with the new one – It's that easy!


Watch how easy it is to install!



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