3 Reasons You Need Guidelights in Your Home

There are many reasons a night light might be necessary in a family home, but it’s nice to have a product you can rely on. And how about something that works on autopilot, even if you forget it when you tuck your toddler in?

That’s where SnapPower comes in. Our innovative products are designed with you in mind. They’re designed to make your life just a little easier…

And here’s why:

1) Easy to Use

If you have a family, you know all too well how important time is. You’re likely always looking for faster and easier ways to get things done. You’ll find the Guidelight fits that criteria with a hassle-free installation and operation.

To install it, all you do is unscrew the existing cover plate and snap the guidelight cover plate into place. That’s it ! No messing with wires, and it’s almost as fast as plugging in that outdated bulky nightlight.

Once it’s in place, you don’t have to think about it again. You don’t have to remember to turn it on every night because it has automatic sensors that recognize the lighting conditions. So, it will turn itself on when it’s dark and turn itself off in the morning. See? Easy!


2) Great for Children

When you have kids, you know all about the pros and cons of night lights. They’re great for when they’re scared or need to make a night time bathroom trip. You can also see when it’s dark without having to turn on a light and wake them. The problem is that they stick out from the wall and end up getting broken when kids are playing.

With a Guidelight, you still get all the benefits but instead of protruding from the wall, they’re designed right inside the outlet cover. Not to mention, the sleek design looks a lot nicer on your wall.

When you have kids, there are more people in the home meaning more items that need to be plugged in. You usually need all the outlets you can get so you’ll love that the Guidelight design keeps your outlets free for use.

3) Saves Money

The expenses are endless when you have a family, so any opportunities to save you money are probably greatly appreciated. While a nightlight may not be a huge expense, it’s still another one to add to that never-ending list.

In addition to saving money on batteries and bulbs, the Guidelight uses an LED bulb which will cost you less than 10 cents per year to operate. Talk about energy savings!



While a nightlight might seem like an insignificant item, it’s one of those things you just need to have around. With the ease and convenience of the SnapPower Guidelights, there’s no need to ever give them a second thought. You can install them in all the outlets in your home to give it a modern look without the hassle.

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